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Sister Mary Justice

The 1st season will premiere on September 29th... only here!  

Sister Mary is a Judge who rules by a different law and takes cases that the other Court Judges won't. She isn't your ordinary Judge. She's a nun with a few bad habits and is completely hypocritical. Her rulings are comedic and her litigants are bizarre and complex.


This new web series is like no other court show. It's a little bit comedy sketch with shocking twists and unruly verdicts. The show is a little bit Jerry Springer... a little bit Judge Judy... a little bit SNL... and FUN!

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Filmed as part of a new comedy sketch group with Lucky-U Entertainment Group.

Created by Lucky Bailey

Written & Directed by Lucky Bailey. Collaborative writing by Jeff Leigh.

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Want to be a litigant on the show?

Are you good at improv? Comedian?
Actor? Send an inquiry and your photo and resume/reel if you have one with your contact information.

Teaser Episode 1  "Generation What The...!"

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Watch the first season here!

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