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OUTLAND by Lucky Bailey 
The short film version will be available in June 2022.


Summary: A woman wakes up on a lab table. One wrist tied to the table. She is unaware of her surroundings and has no recollection of how she got there. She frees herself from the restraint and panics at what is approaching. Aliens. She manages to escape the room, but she is bleeding down her legs. The trail of blood behind her is easy to track and unknown beings are not far behind her as she runs down a long hallway. Sirens blare. She reaches a window. Her expectations are completely destroyed when she realizes... she’s on a space ship. Blood gushes down her legs from between her thighs. She begins to recall a bit of the past. She was pregnant. The beings reach her and before they can speak or offer any assistance, she faints. The hybrid leader of the fleet instructs the others to take the abductee to a room. When the woman regains her memory, she can then and only then enter the leaders presence


100 years into the future. . Another life form, intelligent, comes to help repopulate earth but the operation is exposed as something its not and blamed for the root of the act of war that is slowly killing the entire species. The goal is to bring the last of the survivors and hybrids (to the 2nd earth  but the others want no one to get out alive.  A battle is coming.


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