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Film Production

Photography Videography Cinematography Music-Production Editing

Film TV Music Screenplay

Directed films starring Golden Globe nominees
Producing a film based on a story by Stephen King, and adapted by Lucky Bailey

The She Rocks Awards rocked the NAMM Show

at the Convention Center in Anaheim on

Jan. 25th, 2024.

Honorees at the awards show were 

women who display unique talent and leadership within the music industry.

Check out the live performances 

and awards ceremony

plus video interviews on the red carpet

Check it out 


Debbie Gibson She Rocks Awards 2024

The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) convention is the best place to find musical equipment and bands. 

Check out our videos of performances and the best NAMM guitars video.

Click Here for NAMM videos:

NAMM 2024

Lucky-U TV and Lucky-U Entertainment, LLC is a creative production company owned by Lucky Bailey, award winning writer, director and photographer, with unsurpassed creative originality. While still studying for her film production degree at Los Angeles City College, at five of the nine district colleges, she produced award winning films and becoming the only student to cast a Golden Globe nominee celebrity famous actor in her college capstone films. Not once but twice. She is known for producing her own music for her films which has won her multiple awards. Lucky - U Entertainment is producing original content  with creativity that knows no bounds. 

Lucky Bailey San Diego Film Week
Lucky Bailey


Lucky Bailey, Award-Winning Writer & Director

Film Production Teacher (kids) - Video/Photographer -  Editor - Musician 

Certified Film Production

Certified Film Director

Graduating LACC with an AA in Cinematic Arts 2024

Currently continuing her education at Los Angeles City College

Studies include: Psychology, Cinematic Philosophy, Theatre, Acting

Lucky-U TV and Lucky-U Entertainment, LLC are owned by Lucky Bailey, an award-winning filmmaker in Southern California. Sports Videographer for Baller TV and Photographer for College Basketball SDSU (freelance) - Portrait Photographer with Cherished Memories - Associate Producer of a 5 episode TV series starring Supermodel Kim Alexis - Director of a film based on a short story by Stephen King ​and adapted to film by Lucky Bailey, rights granted by Mr. King - Directed two films starring Golden Globe nominee talent  - Winner of 14 film awards since the debuting her 1st film in 2021.

She recently spoke out about her childhood, age 5, being no different than her adulthood in ways of creativity and activity. She recalled her favorite memory as a child and with her brother, the late Roger Bailey, who also found this memory to be his favorite memory. They constructed the set of Star Trek, the cockpit of the Starship Enterprise, out of refrigerator boxes they found in the dumpster in the back of the apt. complex where they lived with their mother in Bellflower California. 

They began the production in their living room , but (several new refrigerators were installed in the complex apparently because they had several to work with) it was so big that when their mother came home she did not greet them with praise but relocated their production to outside in the courtyard. 

The creation was now out in the open. Everyone in the building watched as these two kids, (Lucky at age 5 and her brother age 10) created a replica set of Star Trek. They used markers, crayons, electrical equipment from remote controlled toys remade into blinking controllers on Lt. Uhura's control center. Kids from all over the block would come to watch and help color buttons with markers. It was the most amazing creation. Lucky stated, "My brother always wanted to be like Captain Kirk. He said I had to be Lt. Uhura, though im not a woman of color., because Kirk kisses all of the other girl characters and we can't kiss." Lucky happily became the beautiful Lt. Uhura and enjoyed that TV replica set for weeks. 

Not much has changed. Her ability to make anything from nearly nothing has been honed over her lifetime. Now, she can make anything from nothing but in a bigger production and that saves money in productions. She is always giving more of herself in her productions than anyone  else. She knows how to do almost anything. She has sewed costumes for film wardrobes, she has built sets from p.v.c. pipes and made jail cells that looked very realistic. She has turned hallways into hospitals. She is a creator. 

Her other love is writing. Having been a published writer in her teens, she was known for her unique style in writing fiction with original stories never been written before. She was told by her high school creative writing teacher that she would one day be famous for her writing. He also told her that most famous writers become famous after they die. 

These were the words that would stop her from pursuing a writing career until later in life. It didnt stop her  from writing though. She just never published them. She has a storage unit filled with books that once had blank pages and now are filed with old handwritten stories and ideas for stories. She is able to use those stories now. 


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